The Enforcer’s Tale

by G.Jones

He looked tired and a little disheveled sitting in an old armchair that like him had seen better days.

He cleared his throat and announced, “Before we start I just  want to say this is not my story. I never wanted to be part of such a thing. You could say I unwittingly stumbled into playing a small role…a bit part if you will. I just need to get this weight off my head.”

For a moment his gaze dropped slightly to the floor and  beyond, reflecting on what he had just announced. He then took a quick deliberate deep breath and returned to enlightening me.

“I wish I could ignore what I know and walk away; but I just can’t anymore. Please understand, don’t think of me as some kind of whistle-blower, someone whose conscience is suddenly woken and goes on a crusade to cleanse his soul, because that ain’t me. Although I could do with sending my soul to the dry cleaners…some heavy stains I’d like to have removed.” He grinned at his rather dark joke, letting me know he has a sense of humor; letting me know he might be old and troubled but he is not scared and he is not afraid of his past.

He continued feeling more comfortable ‘holding court’.

“This stuff is too big for me. Sure I’ve got plenty of secrets..some bad ones, but those are small and isolated in comparison, this stuff I want to tell you is in a whole different league. It’s difficult to explain and I have to warn you..unbelievable.

For the last few years, on and off, I have tried to corroborate this information. It’s very slippery. I have convinced myself it’s true but I can’t point to any hard cold facts to easily convince others. I’ve collected lots of hearsay, a few last words from dying men and recorded very strange coincidences that culminate, at the best, into flimsy circumstantial.

I am sure the proof is very well hidden, but I know it’s there. My age, my failing ability to concentrate, my lack of energy and staying power eventually convinced me I just can’t do this, and to be honest I wouldn’t know what to do if I had the evidence to expose the truth; like the dog chasing cars.

Your granddad  told me about you and I thought ‘why not’. At the very least you lose a couple of hours hearing an old guy babbling on about some wild fantastic story but at the best you uncover truths that will shake the world to its foundations and make everyone question their very existence.”

He paused, his eyes unblinking staring at me for a long moment. I was already hooked but didn’t want to stop him in full flow and on top of that I really didn’t know the size of this story, he had not really told me much at all. He continued with an apologetic tone.

“Sorry for spinning this out; going on without really saying anything but I just want you to believe me and I figure the best way is to set the scene, provide the context. Bare with me …please.

I worked in a very shadowy world where the law had very little meaning. I will not burden you with the things I have done that are not related to this story and please, for the sake of time, don’t waste time judging me or trying to fathom what kind of person I was back then. This is not my story as I have already said.

I am not justifying who I am or what I have done . I will simply give you the sequence of events that ended up with me having this knowledge forced upon me and the little investigating I have done over the past 2 or 3 years. After that you can take it or leave it, and I will know I have at least tried to pass this baton on.”

I felt before we embarked on this journey I had to ask a couple of questions.